How were we born?

Our history

FAM S.r.l. was founded in 1979 by Mr. Cecchetto who began manual turning and milling inside an old cottage. In the first period, production was concentrated mainly in the hydraulic sector, with the construction of power units and pistons, and with the passage of time I began to work on small productions for third parties.

In 1982 the company began to grow thanks to the recruitment of new staff, mainly from schools, and at the same time the machine park also grew.

To cope with this increase in production and staff, the company began investing in other small manual machine tools. But the real evolution began in 1985, when production moved to the new location, where it is still located. To cope with the increase in market demand, many other funds were invested for the purchase of equipment and machinery. In 1987 the first numerical control lathe (CNC) was purchased, and the following year the first CNC milling machine. Within a few years, new CNC machines were implemented such as vertical lathes, moving column cutters, boring machines and the tool park was implemented accordingly. 

A second major change was possible in 1995 thanks to the purchase of the first CAM for more varied and more complex programming. In the following years the company continued to grow relentlessly, increasing staff, machinery and equipment, specializing and acquiring more and more experience in new processing techniques and in the Precision Mechanics sector in general.